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About Us

We specialize in litigation support for high technology patent disputes, as well as software and systems performance disputes.

Litigation Support

During pre-trial periods, as litigation consultants, we assist companies and law firms with analyzing evidence, such as patents, deal with claim construction, prepare for depositions and provide technical tutoring for law firms. We also have a continuing role even after the trial commences. We frequently assists the attorney in preparing lines of cross-examination, in supporting expert witnesses, and in preparing and analyzing trial exhibits. The ability to evaluate the technical evidence presented by the opposition and to simplify complex issues for presentation to the trier of fact is generally one of the most important contributions made by us during a trial.

Some of our services:

  • Help prepare interrogatories and depositions
  • Analyze patents
  • Help with claim construction
  • Evaluate technical evidence
  • Help prepare lines of cross-examination
  • Evaluate trial exhibits
  • Training lawyers in technical subjects


Technology Consulting Services

We help law firms understand their clients technologies, advise and assist them with disputed software performance issues, as well as copyright infringement and breach of contract suits.


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